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Michel Carson

imagesMichel Carson is a highly professional IT technical experts, working in a Multinational Software Company(MNC) as a Programmer who has developed a variety of data recovery softwares for a variety of digital devices including Smart phones, Cameras, Camcorders, Pen drives, Hard drives, USB drives and many more. He has achieved numerous programming skills and certifications like C#, Visual Basic, .Net, Java, C++ and C including several Databases and is aware of all popular Operating Systems and its applications including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc. Carson is experienced of tackling customer questionnaires and has ability to support technical issues/query made by customer as well. He has written so many web articles to provide an excellent information to the users through the websites.

Robert Jacob

images-1Robert Jacob has been working in an MNC for last 7¬†years as a software programmer, who has developed several data recovery software/programs for Android Phones/Tablets. He initiated his career as a technical content writer but later on developed himself as a software programmer. Recently, he has developed a series of data recovery software including photo/video/audio and external Memory recovery for Android supported mobile phones. Jacob has a bunch of programming certifications and has good working experience with great technical support to meet customer’s queries. Additionally, he is interested in technical writing for various websites especially for Android data recovery including blogs, articles, FAQ, with user friendly language.

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