BlackBerry Android Smartphone: Data/File Recovery Software

blackberry-logoBlackBerry is well known mobile brand in the world which is an Canadian mobile phone brand which is known for its quality and commitment. This is one of the most popular smartphone in today’s life which is widely used for calling phone, suiting camera, listening to music/video, reading and writing emails/text messages and more. All the files are stored on a memory card known as flash card, memory card, XD and XF card etc. It is still struggling on behalf of current Android Smartphone while it has smarter sliding manual keypad along with touch option

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Data loss in BlackBerry Android Smartphone

In our daily life we often make many mistakes and that result in Android data loss as in case of BlackBerry smartphone. Data/files that are highly important, get damaged/corrupt/delete due dome mistakes made by us either in case of accidental deletion or formatting, we have to gain a great pain to our self  All data from SD card get lost including Photo, Contacts, Audio, Video, Messages, WhatsApps photo and other audio/video, call history and many more. Although it is certainly a mistake but we are not aware of the solution that can fetch back or repair/recover those lost or deleted data/files.

Cause behind BlackBerry data loss

Like other, BlackBerry is also prone to data loss in the following situations:

  • Unintentional cause of deletion: This is most practical cause of the day. It includes removal of photo/images, audio, video, message, chat history, call history and many more
  • Formatting the cards: Formatting external memory card on BlackBerry Android Smartphone without having proper backups will hassle you deeply.
  • Rooting and Factory Reset: Such cause is very prone to data loss as many of us don’t know the proper handling situations of rooting or factory reset.
  • Use of external memory card with other phone or third party tools

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How to recover/repair BlackBerry Andriod Smartphone

Suppose your BlackBerry data have been accidentally deleted or formatted then you should pay your wishful attention to get help of Android Data Recovery Tool like Stellar Phoenix. This software can recover/repair almost formatted, deleted or lost BlackBerry data/files like as Photo, Musics, Videos, Recordings, Text messages and many other application’s data.

Remember: Each data/file deleted/formatted from your BlackBerry, a raw data/files of such are present in phone.

Key features of Stellar Phoenix Android Smartphone:

Following are the most important features of Stellar Data Recovery/Repair Software:

  • Fully a professional BlackBerry data recovery tool
  • Recovers/repairs almost all picture/audio/video/text formats
  • Lost and deleted files can be recovered or repaired
  • Meet your all phone specifications and your Windows/Mac platforms
  • All versions and variants supported

Released Android Smartphone and variants by BlackBerry

Although, BlackBerry is very new in the field of Android phone production but it has its own new challenging styles, features and commitments to its user. Following are the Android version of BlackBerry:

BlackBerry DTEK60, BlackBerry DTEK50 and BlackBerry Priv

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