Easily Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos from Samsung Galaxy A7

An edge that Apple holds over many smart phones is a brand name that Apple has managed to build over the years. But the trend may be expected to change a bit when Samsung is preparing to build smart phones offering more extra features compared to other smart phones relatively at low price. With Samsung A7, this trend might get changed which is available at a cheaper price that the retail price of iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy A7 is expected to be a spotlight stealer which is all set to give a tough competition to other smart phones.

With the increased use of smart phones do not end the problem of data corruption or deletion. Despite of the fact that Galaxy A7 has many new and advance features, you may endure problem of WhatsApp photo deletion and corruption.

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Deletion of WhatsApp photos from Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy android phone is popular in the market of smart phones. Whichever series of Samsung you use, first thing you do is to install WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp is a free instant messaging application used to make voice and video calls, send messages, pictures, video, audio, contacts and other documents and it is most widely used because it is very easy to use. However, irrespective of the different mobile phones , you may suffer problem of losing WhatsApp data like photos, chat history and so on. You happen to lose WhatsApp photos either unintentional or intentional.

  • While deleting your old chats, you might also delete photos along with it.
  • When uninstalling your WhatsApp without creating a backup can result in deletion of photos.
  • Due to some technical issues in WhatsApp, photos can be lost.
  • A virus may have corrupted all your photos.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos

You can perform recovery of photos in two ways. First is manual and second is automatic. Let us discuss the two of them.

Manual recovery –

WhatsApp provide a feature called ‘chat backup’ for creating data backup. This feature automatically creates the backup of all the data time to time. So you can restore chats and all your data from using this feature.

Automatic recovery –

Wondershare Dr.Fone is an android data recovery software capable of recovering lost, deleted and corrupted photos, music, videos, documents and other data. It is very easy to use and successfully recover data.

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