How to Recover Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S6

With the rapid development in information technology, people’s day to day activities mostly covered up by digital devices fully equipped with modern technology. This utilization has greatly increased with the invention of mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile phones are also referred as smart phones because it is programmed with the help of latest and smart information technology. However, there is a bit difference between these two terms mobile phones and smart phones.

More often, it is seen that mobile phones are used for clicking photos though it is also used for shooting videos, listening music, surfing on internet, downloading things, etc. Mobile cameras enable its users to capture their life’s beautiful incident anywhere and anytime. For this purpose, users choose mobile phone of a reliable company. Hence, Samsung is the first choice that comes up in user’s mind whenever it comes to buy a mobile phone. Samsung has many variants like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Samsung Duos, Samsung Galaxy Note and many other series. These days Samsung Galaxy S6 is being sold at a large scale.

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Some of its configuration are as follows –

  • Supports wireless charge.
  • F1.9 real time HDR, low light shot.
  • Fast tracking AF.
  • Faster LTE chip.
  • 5.1”QHD Super AMOLED display with “real” RGB color.

Photo loss in Samsung Galaxy S6

You may face photo or data loss even if you are using Samsung Galaxy S6. No matter what mobile phone you use, photo or data loss happens sometime. Beautiful scenarios, happy moments with families and friends, novelties on trips and many other cheerful things you have recorded but suddenly you find that you cannot access or view those pictures even though you have not deleted them at all. It is not always necessary that pictures get deleted only when you delete them. It may be possible that pictures may get corrupted or damaged. There can be number of reasons which can cause picture deletion or damage or corruption. Due to memory card corruption, accidental deletion by other person, incompatible file format and so on.

Pictures recovery from Samsung Galaxy S6

So if by chance you have lost your precious pictures from Samsung Galaxy S6 and do not have any backup then you can download Wondershare Dr.Fone recovery software. This software is able to successfully retrieve lost data on your phone irrespective of models.

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