How to Retrieve Pictures from Galaxy S5

In this modern decade, smart phones have become a ‘must have’ item for almost every individual. A well constructed smart phone satisfies itself by providing excellent features and services to its customer enabling them to perform numerous tasks simultaneously and without any difficulty. With the aim of covering up all the requirements of its customers, many brands of mobile phones have been evolved in the past few years. Despite of many brands, Samsung is one of the best smart phone company in the world which is widely used. Samsung re-innovate its model repeatedly every year so as to upgrade settings, features as well as applications.

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That is why usage of smart phone has increased as never before. Therefore, Samsung has released a new model Galaxy S5 with some new features. These android phones are mostly used for taking pictures because they provide extremely excellent picture quality and so do Samsung Galaxy S5 model. It has not disappointed its users. This Galaxy S5 has 16 mega-pixel camera with enhanced user interface and new functions like Auto Focus, Selective Focus, Virtual Tour Shot, advanced HDR and many more. Some other excellent features of Galaxy S5 with respect to its camera are –

  • Allow you to take pictures in movement and action.
  • Gives a clear and bright photo even in counterlight or shadow.
  • Focusing on the main subject by blurring the background.

How do you lose your pictures from Galaxy S5?

Though Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great cell phone to capture beautiful moments, data loss is always inevitable. Someone who loves to keep pictures and suddenly happen to lose them is actually a great deal for them. It is normal that when you delete your pictures accidentally. By mistake, you format your storage disks resulting in loss of photo graphs. And any virus attack also lead to corruption of photos.

Is it possible to retrieve pictures in Samsung Galaxy S5?

When photos or any other files are deleted from phone, they are immediately not get erased from phone’s memory if any new file has not overwritten that space. So you only need to install a recovery tool. A recovery tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone can help you restore all your lost, deleted or damaged photos safely from Galaxy S5.

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