HTC Smartphone: Andriod Data Recovery

htc-logoHTC is world’s one of the most favorite Android Smartphone/tablet brand that automates each and every aspect of humans life which provides smarter and faster mobility to the user from palm to finger tip. Doubtlessly HTC has vast wings of technologies and its excellency and potential result in the unique design to generate a factual footprint that revolutionize the world arena. The HTC Corporation was founded in Tiawan in 1997 with great and innovative vision. It had launched world’s first Google Android Smartphone in 2008.

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Advanced features of HTC Android Smartphone

HTC is corporately known for its smart and advanced as well as unbelievable designs. Following are the some unique features:

  • HTC offers it customer a free smartphone/tablet protection by providing extra Google Drive Storage, automatic Android updates, cloud backup and live help
  • Unique and durable design/model
  • Large storage option with great amount of internal memory
  • Committed camera quality and etc.

Issues associated with HTC Android Smartphone

Nowadays, more and more people used to take HTC mobile for its camera quality and capture their memorable photos and video, but unfortunately at the same time it has been facing data loss issue due to some unavoidable circumstances. Following are some issue:

  • Corruption/Damage/Deletion of photo accidentally and unexpectedly.
  • Breaking of pixel and fading of color
  • Memory formating error
  • Photo, video or other multimedias invisibility issues
  • ”Not found” issue and etc.

Solution to HTC Android Smartphone Data loss

The above issues with HTC is dynamically very surprising and horrible but you need not to worry more as recovery of such data loss is creatively possible by using professional HTC data recovery software. Wondershare Dr. Fone software for Android Data Recovery has been the first choice for decades.

Key features of Wondershare Dr. Fone software:

  • It is uniquely design to meet extreme photo and other multimedia file recovery
  • It can find your lost data from your HTC Android phone with only few easy steps
  • This software is best for beginners and experienced HTC holder
  • Wondershare Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Software is providing issue/error oriented recovery tools
  • Enhanced iconic data recovery supports
  • Unmatched regular and festive offers
  • Almost Free Trial Version available
  • 24X7 hrs and 365 days technical support

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Released models and their variants of HTC Android Smartphone

Since 2008 HTC earned many models and their variants laced with latest Android version. Some of them are as follow:

Bolt Desire 10 Pro Desire 10 Lifestyle One A9s
One M9+Prime Camera Edition Desire 628 Dual SIM One M9 Prime Camera Edition Desire 830
One S9 10 evo 10 Lifestyle Desire 825
Desire 630 Desire 530 Desire 626 Dual SIM One X9
One A9 One M9s Desire 828 Dual SIM Desire 728G Dual SIM
One M9e One E9s Dual SIM Desire 728 Dual SIM One E9
Desire 626s Desire 626(US) Desire 526 Desire 520
Desire 826 Dual SIM One E9+Dual SIM Desire 820G+Dual SIM Butterfly 3
J Butterfly(HTV31) Desire 326G Dual SIM One M9+Supreme Camera Desire 626G+Dual SIM
One M9+ One M8s One E9+ One M9
Desire 820s Desire 626 One ME Dual SIM Desire 816(2015)
Desire 526G+Dual SIM Desire 826 Desire 320 Desire 620G Dual SIM
Desire 620 Dual SIM Desire 516C Desire Eye One (M8 Eye)
Desire 816G Desire 820q Desire 820 Desire 510
Butterfly 2 J Butterfly One (M8) Dual SIM Desire 616 Dual SIM
Desire 516 Dual SIM One (E8) One (E8) Dual SIM One mini 2
Desire 210 Dual SIM Desire 316 One (M8) Desire 610
Desire 816 Desire 310 Desire 400 dual-SIM Desire 601 dual-SIM
Desire 700 dual-SIM Desire 501 dual-sim Desire 7088 Desire 7060
Desire 709d One Max Desire 601 Desire 300
Desire 600 C One dual SIM Desire 500 One mini
Desire 600 Desire XC Butterfly S Desire 200
Desire XDS Desire U Desire P Desire L
One Desire Q One X+ Desire SV
Butterfly Desire X Desire VC One S
Desire V Desire C One X One V

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