LG Smartphone/Tablet: Android Data Recovery

lg-mobile-logo  LG is abbreviated for Life’s Good which was founded in 1958 in Seoul as GoldStar. LG electronics is itself a bench mark in the field of electronic goods supplements. LG had launched its first Android phone in the year 2009 and tablet in 2011, when most of its competitors were also emerging as Android based smartphone/tablet. This brand is known for its flagship G series of smartphone/tablets. Now is 4G network service based Android smartphone/tablet and LG is one of them to build smartly and it promises to give a revolutionary visual experience.

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Features of LG Android smartphone/tablets

LG Android phone is claiming its best features including tough and curve technologies that makes it extra-ordinary. You should aware of some important features of LG, which are given below:

  • Amazing video recordings with 2.0 steady recording
  • Next level Quad DAC audio
  • Latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system
  • Recently launched V20 at San Francisco which is the successor of LG V10
  • Ultimate design and utility tools
  • Makes it easier than ever as it enables us to stay connected, organized and stay on task

LG Android smartphone/tablet data loss

Its very unpleasant but true that LG Android smartphone/tablet can be a victim of noisy data loss. You many loose your contacts that may important for your business, picture that may be a sensual tale of successful love story or a video clip that may be your unforgettable experience of family, friends and others. What if you loose your whole data/file anyways, I know it will push you into the deep sorrow and your pity situation might turn you panic. Don’t go panic and just use Android data recovery or repair software tool to get your lost data/file back into your favorite locations.

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Reason of LG Android smartphone/tablet data loss

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Carelessly resetting
  • Rooting
  • Formatting SD card
  • Security concern like Virus attack
  • Malicious data loss

All such above data loss can be reformed by using Wondershare Dr. Fone Software for Android Data Recovery/Repair.

How to recover/repair your lost LG Android smartphone/tablet data/file

If you gone through LG Android smartphone/tablet data/file loss and you really want you file back then we have a good news for you: your corrupted/damaged/deleted or lost files are not gone forever and an Android Data Recovery can pull you out from this pity situation. You can call it LG recovery tool. Wondershare Dr. Fone Software for Android Data Recovery/Repair is all meant for such.

Key Features of Wondershare Dr. Fone LG Android Data Recover/Repair Software:

  • Best suit your LG Android phone features accordingly
  • Supports all old and latest Android Operating System
  • Compatible with all Windows/Mac versions
  • Laced with GUI features
  • Multi saving options
  • Preview of your targeted data/files to be recovered/repaired
  • Smart processing and user friendly guide
  • Able to recover extremely damaged/corrupt media files
  • Help to restore your all internal and external memory


Lost or deleted data/files are still present in your phone in raw format, so never use your phone/tablet anymore if you are the victim of data loss and want a solution.

Released variants and models of LG Android smartphones

Latest arrival is LG V series which is the successor many other. Following are some of the variants and models of LG Android phones:

LG U LG V34 LG V20 LG X Skin
LG x5 LG K3 Stylus 2 Plus X Style
X Power X View K5 G5 SE
G5 K8 Stylus 2 X screen
X cam G4 Stylus 3G K7 LTE K10 LTE
K7 K10 Zero Ray
G Vista 2 V10 Class Wine Smart (2015) Tribute
Gentle Max G4 Beat Band Play
G4c G4 Stylus G4 Beat Volt
Joy LTE Leon LTE Spirit LTE Joy
Leon Spirit Magna G4 Dual SIM(Dual LTE)
G Stylo Magna LTE G Flex2 AKA
L Prime G2 Lite G3 Dual-LTE isai VL
G3 Screen L45 Dual F60 Wine Smart
Gx2 G3 Stylus L Fino L Bello
G3 D858 L60 Dual G3 A G Vista
G3 Cat6 G3 Beat G3 L35
isai FL L80 Dual L80 Lucid 2
Lucid 3 L65 Dual L70 Dual L90 Dual
F70 G2 mini L40 L70
L90 Pro 2 Ice Cream Smart Optimus L1 II TRI
Gx Optimus L1 II Dual Google Nexus 5 G Flex
Pro Lite Vu 3 Optimus L9 II Optimus L1 II
Optimus L7 II G2 Optimus G Pro Optimus it
Nexus 4 Optimus L4 II Dual Optimus L4 II Optimus L3 II Dual
Optimus L7 II Dual Optimus L5II Dual Optimus L5II Optimus L3II
Optimus Vu Optimus L9 Optimus G Optimus L5 Dual
Optimus L3 Dual Optimus 4X HD Optimus L7 Optimus L5
Optimus L3 E730 E510 Optimus Net P690
Optimus Link Dual Optimus 3D Google Nexus 5X K4
Escape Classic Rebel Treasure LTE L51AL
Premier LTE L61AL Stylo 2 LTE L82VL Tribute HD LS676 Boost Treasure LTE L52VL
Premier LTE L62VL Optimus Zone 3 Phoenix Spree
Risio Access LTE Optimus Fuel

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