LYF Android Phones: Data/File Recovery

lyf-logoLYF is newly born Android phone’s brand by Reliance Retail with its sub-brand Earth, Water, Wind and Flame. It has launched in India recently in 2016 and spreading its wings rapidly.

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Astonishing features of LYF Android Phones

LYF is laced with free Reliance Jio SIM with News, Chat, Jionet Hotspot and etc. Following are the salient features of LYF Android Phones:

  • Jio News
  • Jio Chat
  • Jionet Hotspot
  • Audio/Video of FHD quality
  • FHD display
  • Latest apps and Android version
  • Fully supported third party plug-ins
  • External memory slots
  • Higher internal memory
  • Excellent camera resolution with flash

Errors associated with LYF Smartphones

LYF comes with common tendency of data loss as other noted Android brands but as it has released recently in this year 2016, so no any such noted individual errors have been detected. As with every Android phones, loss of data like Photo, Video, Audio, Messages, Call Logs, Calender entries, Facebook data, Whatsapp data and much more are prone to loss or delete due to following probable errors:

  • Memory Crash
  • System(Android) Crash
  • Bad sector creation in memory
  • Unknown deletion of data/files
  • Incomplete file/data transfer and etc.

Loss of any data can harsh you deeply and you would become restless but solution to such problem is Android Data Recovery software like as Wondershare Dr. Fone software to recover them back completely.

How to recover your Android Data/File from LYF Smartphones!

Any loss of data can turn you unstable and you will go panic but there’s a solution for each problem. If you are facing such above said problem then always feel free to contact Wondershare Dr. Fone’s 24×7 customer support cell. We will provide you useful guidelines and if steel problem persists then use our Trial version as well as Paid version data recovery software for a complete solution to data recovery. Simply you have to connect you Android phone/tablet to a PC of having any platform i.e. Windows or Mac with any versions/variants.

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Key features of Wondershare Dr. Fone software for Android Data Recovery:

  • It is armed with latest recovery technique and technical team
  • It can recover even a too large sized data/file including Photo/Image, Audio, Video, Messages, Call Logs and many more with all formats
  • It can retain your original quality of photo,video or audio as well as before
  • It is extremely tested in every condition and hence, this software can recover your data which has been deeply effected and damaged or even deleted.
  • Quickest response
  • It is fast and flexible with multi-optional saving facility
  • Wondershare Dr. Fone software is fully GUI i.e. graphical user interface supported to ease your recovery process
  • Multilayer processing capability and much more


You have to be stable and avoid using your victimized Android phones or memory in case of data loss/deletion or corruption/damage of any type

Released versions/models of LYF Android Smart Phones:

LYF has took very less time to enlarge its wings of digital coverage around India and now spreading its wings of Android-based mobile technology steadily round the world. Till now it has released four sub-brands i.e. Earth, Water, Wind and Flame.

Earth: Earth 1, Earth 2

Water: F1, Water 1, Water 2, Water 4, Water 5, Water 6, Water 7, Water 8, Water 9, Water 10, Water 11

Wind: Wind 1, Wind 2, Wind 3, Wind 4, Wind 4S, Wind 5, Wind 6, Wind 7

Flame: Flame 1, Flame 2, Flame 3, Flame 4, Flame 5, Flame 6, Flame 7, Flame 7S,

Flame 8, F8

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