Micromax Smart Phones: Android Data Recovery

micromax-180312Micromax is one of the most vibrating and leading name of Android phone’s manufacturer company from India with 23 domestic offices across the country and in Hong Kong, USA, Dubai and Nepal. Unfortunately this brand is also prone to data loss, but don’t worry! We have solution to this critical problem as a Android Data/File Recovery Software like as Wondershare Dr. Fone. Please have a trial if you need. Click the link below to download a free version for Windows or Mac platform.

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Salient features of Micromax Android Phones:

Micromax had introduced its first handsets with 30 days battery backup with dual SIM/dual standby(GSM-CDMA) and now with its versatile Android device, pleasing the customers with its features but at the same time they(customer) are facing data loss problem. Following are the noted features:

  • Trending new international look on domestic platform
  • Usability, durability and reliability
  • Meets your all digital desires
  • FHD featured with big screen and competitor of all those foreign brands
  • Low cost and high performance
  • Expandable memory options
  • Fast and lite
  • Laced with latest Android version

Loss of data/files due to occurrence of errors: Micromax Android phones/tablet

Loss of data or files may happen with any Android handset and any time. Following are the probable errors:

  • File not found: This can happen by your own desire or accidental deletion of data/file
  • System failure/corruption: Due to some unavoidable circumstances
  • Physical or Internal memory dumping
  • External SD card error: Occurs in case of bad injection or hardware issue
  • Source file errors: In case of corrupted/damaged or deleted data/file from the source
  • Version errors: Many of the programs or Android version do not support to any programs or smart phones.
  • Human generated errors: Such can be done in case of third party use of your phone

In all such above errors one thing is common and that is the loss of precious and memorable data like Messages, Call Logs, Pictures, Audios, Videos, Documents, Whatsapp’s data/file and much more, which can turn your ease into pain and your will be panic but be quite! We are here with Android data/file recovery software.


Never use your Android phones/tablets after your loss of data from them, since it will overwrite your deleted/damaged/corrupted data/file and you will loose them for ever.

Recovery of data from your Micromax Android Phones/Tablets:

We understand your need of time, that’s why we are proving you the best way to recover your old, precious and important data/file with the help of Wondershare Dr. Fone software for Android Data Recovery, which is well developed to meet each and every version of Android and version of your Micromax phones.

download-win   download-mac

Key features of Wondershare Dr. Fone Software for Android Data Recovery:

  • It is laced with user manual to guide you through out the whole recovery process
  • Fully automatic and GUI supported
  • Cross platform for Windows and Mac of any version
  • Highly capable of recovering even permanently deleted data/file like Photo, Video, Music, Recordings, Documents from your phone either they are created by the phone or transferred from outer source.
  • Free trial version is available
  • 24X7 technical support

Old and new released versions/models of Micromax Android phones/tablets:

From back one decade, Micromax has been releasing its Android based phones/tablets very frequently and competing the whole mobile community. Some of the popular models of Micromax Android Phones/Tablets are follow:

A310 Canvas Nitro A092 Unite A 65 Bolt A 108 Canvas L
A 190 Canvas HD Plus A093 Canvas Fire A 300 Canvas Gold Canvas Win W121
Canvas Win W092 A089 Bolt A106 Unite 2 A105 Canvas Entice
A121 Canvas Elanza 2 A120 Canvas 2 Colors A102 Canvas Doodle 3 A47 Bolt
A114RCanvas Beat A59 Bolt A36 Bolt A28 Bolt
A350 Canvas Knight Canvas Turbo Mini A94 Canvas Mad A119 Canvas XL
A114 Canvas 2.2 A61 Bolt A77 Canvas Juice A117 Canvas Magnus
Canvas Turbo Canvas Tab P650 A113 Canvas Ego A76
A74 Canvas Fun A67 Bolt A63 Canvas Fun A240 Canvas Doodle 2
Canvas Fire 6 Q428 Canvas 5 Lite Q462 Bolt Q381 Canvas Mega 2 Q426
Canvas Spark 2 Plus Q350 Canvas Spark 3 Q385 Canvas Amaze 2 E457 Canvas xp 4G Q413
Bolt Supreme 2 Q301 Bolt Supreme Q300 Canvas Evok E483 Bolt Selfie Q424
Bolt supreme 4 Q352 Canvas Selfie 4 Unite 4 plus Canvas Unite 4
Canvas Unite 4 Pro Canvas Fire 5 Q386 Canvas 6 Pro E484 Canvas 6
Canvas Juice 4G Q461 Canvas Amaze 4G Q491 Canvas Juice 4 Q382 Canvas Pulse 4G E451
Canvas Mega 4G Q417 Canvas Fire 4G Plus Q412 Canvas Nitro 3 E352 Canvas Xpress 4G Q413
Canvas Blaze 4G+ Q414 Canvas Pace 4G Q416 Canvas 5 E481 Canvas Mega E353
Canvas Amaze Q395 Canvas Play 4G Q469 Bolt Q332 Canvas Juice 3+ Q394
Bolt Q339 Bolt Q338 Bolt Q331 Bolt S302
Canvas Fire 4G Q411 Canvas Blaze 4G Q400 Canvas Juice 3 Q392 Canvas Spark 2 Q334
Canvas Nitro 4G E455 Canvas Selfie 3 Q348 Canvas Selfie 2 Q340 Canvas Xpress 2 E313
Bolt D303 Bolt S301 Canvas Selfie Lens Q345 Canvas Silver 5 Q450
Canvas Tab P690 Canvas Knight 2 E471 Canvas A1 AQ4502 Q391 Canvas Doodle 4
Canvas Nitro 2 E311 Q372 Unite 3 Canvas Play Q355 Canvas Spark Q380
Bolt S300 Bolt D320 Bolt D321 Canvas Juice 2 AQ5001
Bolt Q324 Bolt A82 Canvas Pep Q371 Bolt A067
Canvas 4 Plus A315 A109 Canvas XL2 Canvas Fire 4 A107 Canvas Tab P666
Canvas Tab P470 Canvas Selfie A255 Bolt A066 Canvas Hue
A104 Canvas Fire 2 A99 Canvas Xpress A290 Canvas Knight Cameo Canvas A1
A92 Canvas 4 A210 A88 A110Q Canvas 2 Plus
A111 Canvas Doodle Funbook 3G P600 Funbook 3G P560 Funbook Talk P362
Funbook Talk P360 Viva A72 Ninja A91 Ninja A54
Bolt A62 Bolt A51 Bolt A35 Bolt A27
A115 Canvas 3D A116 Canvas HD A101 A110 Canvas 2
A89 Ninja A87 Ninja 4.0 A57 Ninja 3.0 Funbook P275
Funbook Alfa P250 Funbook Pro A100 A90s
A90 A84 A80 Superfone Punk A44
A25 A52 A45 A50 Ninja
A78 Funbook P300 A73 A75
A55 A85 A70 A60

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