Recover Damaged Photos, Videos, Contacts From Mi4i

You had spent a wonderful time with your friends on a holiday and enjoyed a lot. You clicked so many photos and made videos so that you could remember those days always. But, when one of your friend asked you to transfer it his/her mobile, you found that those photos were not available in the storage media. On opening that photo, software says “unable to open the file” and the same thing also happened with videos. That time you went blank and caught in a miserable situation that how to recover those. In order to help you, here is the solution. Read the following para to know the answer.


Xiomi Redmi phones have gained popularity all around the world in a very short time. This is due to the fact that this emerging company have made an inimitable entry in the field of smart phones. It has extremely good camera quality, processors, display, in-built memory with external SD card slot to expand the memory according to need and RAM. Redmi has manufactured a variety of smart phones with unique features and one of them is Mi4i. It is very obvious that if you are Redmi Mi4i phone user, you are clicking lots of photos, recording videos, storing your favorite music and movies in the phone and many other things. Although Redmi Mi4i offers excellent features, you still endure problems regarding photos, videos, contacts and other data in the phone.

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Common reasons for damaged photos, videos and contacts

While using Redmi Mi4i you may come across the problem of damaged photos, videos and contacts details because of the following reasons –

  • Damage to photos, contacts, videos and other data may occur because of the damage to storage devices like broken storage media, corrupt storage media.
  • Improper removal of SD card while it is in use may damage data.
  • Formatting of SD card may cause you to lose data.
  • Any hardware and software issue in Redmi Mi4i may leads to loss of data.
  • Any virus infection.

Easily recover damaged data on Redmi Mi4i

In order to make your data accessible once again, you need to restore them. And for this purpose, use one of the excellent and perfect data recovery tool and that is Wondershare Dr.Fone software. This software can restore damaged, lost, missing, formatted, deleted and even corrupted photos, contacts and videos.

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