Recover Lost Photos, Videos, Contacts From Xiomi Redmi 4a, 4 Prime, Pro

Xiomi Redmi is nowadays well renowned and emerging smart phone industry around the world. Because of its cost-effective and great build quality factor, this smart phone is becoming worldwide popular. It has become a popular and best choice when it comes to buy a new android phone. The best part of Xiomi phones are that it comes with upgraded with almost all advanced features that an expensive phones have and thus you can get those at relatively low price. People who are looking for excellent mobile camera, Xiomi Redmi is best choice for them because of its excellent camera quality. Xiomi gives high performance at low cost.


Xiomi Redmi smart phone comes in many variants such as Redmi Note 4, 4a, 4prime, Redmi pro, Redmi 3, 3x, 3s prime, 3s, 3 pro, Note 3, Note prime and many more. All these models are quite efficient and have used advanced technologies.

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Lost data scenarios in Xiomi Redmi

  • Accidental deletion – this is the most common case where users happen to lose data from phones like contacts, videos, pictures and messages, etcetera due to unintentional deletion.
  • An interruption while transferring data – while transferring data from mobile phones to another device, an interruption can damage files.
  • Format error – sometimes a format error while connecting mobile phones to PC occurs asking you to format the connected drive, this may result in data loss.
  • Improper handling of memory card – improper ejection of memory card from mobile phone can result in data loss.
  • Malfunction and corruption to system files – corruption of system files can corrupt data such as pictures, audio, videos and contacts and so on stored on mobile phones.

This way you can lose all your data including photos, videos, contacts, messages from Xiomi Redmi phones.

Get back lost Photos, Videos, Contacts From Xiomi Redmi

Whatever may be the reason for data loss whether accidental or not, there is possibility to retrieve the data from Xiomi Redmi phone. Using Wondershare Dr.Fone software enables you to easily recover all your lost data. It is a great utility tool specifically designed to recover lost and deleted data from Xiomi Redmi phones including models like Redmi Note 4, 4a, 4prime, Redmi pro, Redmi 3, 3x, 3s prime, 3s, 3 pro, Note 3, Note prime and many more.

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