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Android Data Recovery Software

You are heartily welcome! For showing interest in our innovative Android Data Recovery Software. We feel sorry for you if you are one of the victim of painful Android data loss but feeling happy to see you here! This software will heal your seriously corrupted/damaged or lost/deleted data including all your multimedia cum text data/files i.e. Photo/Picture, Audio, Video, Text Message, Archives and Documents produced either by your Android Phone/Tablet or taken from other gadgets. Feel free to click on the below button for a trial.

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How to recover deleted data/files from Android device

Follow these following steps to get your lost data/file back from your Android device:

Step 1: Avoid using your victimized Android phones/tablets

You will certainly loose your whole lost/deleted data/files permanently if the device is being used after such case. Doing this will overwrite your lost/deleted data/file in your Android device.

Step 2: Connecting Android Phones/Tablets to a computer

Establish a USB cable connection of your Android device to a computer without removing SD card from your smart phones/tablets as it is not necessary.


Step 3: Enabling USB debugging

Follow the below steps to enable your device’s USB debugging before connecting to the program:

a.) For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to “Settings”==>Click on “About Phone”==>Tab “Build number” repeat this until getting a note “You are under developer mode”==> Go back to “Settings”==> Click on “Developer options”==> Check “USB debugging”


b.) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go to “Settings”==> Click on “Developer options”==> Check “USB debugging”


c.) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to “Settings”==> Click on “Applications”==>Click on “Development”==>Check “USB debugging”


Step 4: Choose your Data to recover

This software will automatically scan the whole data/file and provide option of choosing one of many or whole data/file to recover.

Note: This recovery process need your battery back-up of minimum 20% to ensure a complete scan.


Your Android device may need to click on “Allow”/“Retry” to enable super user authorization to the program, if the following picture pops up on your computer screen.


Note: It may happen that the “Allow” button will appear for several times but you have to respond again and again until the program starts its real scan.

Step 5: Scan lost/deleted Data/File

After detecting your device by the Recovery Software, click on ”Start” to find the entire lost/deleted data/files from your Android phones/tablets.


Step 6: Preview

Now, a preview window will be shown on your computer screen which will contain the list of categorized recoverable data types including Message, Contacts, Gallery and Videos. Check those all one by one.


Step 7: Recovery of data ended

After you choose single/multiple or whole data/file type, click on ”Recover” and thus save the recovered files into your computer

Step 8: Immediate back up of Android Device for further prevention

You are recommended to back up your Android data/file as soon as possible to prevent those loosing again.

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